Landscape Paintings

14 thoughts on “Landscape Paintings

  1. Lovely Di – we have a couple of your pictures which remind us of you, dear! Coming over to see Ma in July for 3 weeks – perhaps we might meet – there are some povely scenes for more of your photo artwork around us – the Isle of Wight, the New Forest, some truly picturesque yacht harbours such as Keyhaven!

    1. Hi there Phil – thank you so much for commenting and apologies for this late reply but as you know I’ve been away and so not attending to my site.
      Be fantastic to see you in July, make sure you let me know dates etc and email me so we can make a plan.
      Take care and see you soon xxx

    2. Thanks again Phil – So good to see your comments. I’m hoping you will be able to make contact with us. Will send you a message with details. Lotsa love xxx

  2. I love your Landscape Paintings they are so real and the colours are incredible.
    I will catch up with soon Di

    1. Thank you so much Pat. I have been away so apologies for not replying sooner. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. 🙂

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