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Catching The Right Light

Last year I spent many miles driving around looking for the Combines harvesting the wheat as I wanted to capture that beautiful moment  where the setting sun highlights the wheat dust being thrown up by the Combine, but somehow managed to just miss them at every turn.

With several wheat fields around and about where I live looking ready to reap, I promise you, I was like a demented fool stalking the fields on a daily basis determined to find the Combine in action to capture the harvesting at sunset.

My persistence paid off – for by luck and by chance, not only was the Combine Harvester on the field just off Ockley Drive, I learnt they would be there till after dark. So I took a few shots around midday and returned around 7 pm, warmly dressed and ran around the field either following the Combine or daring to get in front of the moving machine to capture the right angles – shooting into the sun.

I had my granddaughter with me sporting my Pentax X-5 to take her own Macro shots of anything she could find interesting left in the wake of the harvested field. And she found plenty, capturing some rather lovely images. (I definitely see some natural talent and a good eye fast developing in her).

Serious Field Work Going On Here

But shamefully, I have to admit alarming her several times when she looked up from her camera horrified to see me standing squarely in front of the oncoming Combine, seemingly unaware of it’s steady progress towards me.

She certainly did not hold back in shouting out to me in a very cross manner – clearly finding it hard to believe I could be so stupid. But I knew too well that the driver was probably keeping a sharp eye on this crazy elderly leaping around the field like a demented lunatic.

It was both exciting and rewarding the the wait well worth losing my street credit.

Wheatfield On Ditchling Beacon


So please enjoy my images as much as we had in taking them – and click on the images to get a fuller view.

All the harvesting images were taken with my Canon 70D and my 18-135 mm lens – settings changing according to the lighting.

Ollie’s images were taken with the Pentax X-5 and setting at ‘Macro’

The close-up images of the wheat and grass were taken the previous day with my Pentax X-5



15 thoughts on “Catching The Right Light

  1. There are some really amazing images here, I love the one with the sunlight coming through (wheat field)
    It seems my daughter has an eye for photography too

  2. Hi Dinah,

    Wonderful photos! Your persistence definitely paid off, I love the sunset pics, can almost smell the field…

    and very beautiful and talented granddaughter you have there!

    1. Thank you Frankie, I appreciate the visit and your commenting. 🙂 – maybe I was being ambitious saying full size – but I will check that out.

    2. Thanks Frankie – I will look into that. It’s time I got back onto my website but other things have simply chewed up my time.

    1. Thanks again sweetie. Ollie and I do have so much fun together and she loves doing it. (Told me once I’m quite a cool Granny to have. 😀 )

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