Where Is Photography Taking Me?

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The other morning I decided to get myself out of bed early and walk around the neighbourhood of the small town where I live to take some floral photos again with my Macro lens. It’s been a while since I’ve use the Macro and once I started taking images I had to wonder why it had taken me so long to do it.

The morning sunlight was absolutely perfect to cast the right light and background shade onto the images I chose to shoot.

(Click on the thumbnails for full view of the images)


When We Were Very Young

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The Five of us – 74th Avenue Mabelreign

As kids – all 5 of us – we lived in Mabelreign, a suburb of Salisbury, Rhodesia. It was a fairly ‘poor’ area -that is less affluent –  so it was common that both parents  worked full day.

Families were also large for some reason and without our parents around to watch us, we were quite a wild bunch getting up to all sorts of  unruly ‘adventures’.

Even though money was tight, our folk always managed to pull enough pennies together to take us out to various fun events like the Luna Park Fare, Guy Fawkes Fireworks displays and Fetes.

One particular event we were taken to was the annual Air Show. It was spectacular with all the various planes from the Tiger Moth to the fighter jets doing their show-off tricks up in the sky above us. What impressed us most were the parachute jumps. The 5 of us sat on the bonnet of our car gob-smacked watching the men jumping out of the plane,  the sky fall, the parachute opening and, to us, the apparently easy landing – clapping and cheering all round.