Mashed Egg & Mayonnaise Sandwiches

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Every time I mash a boiled egg,  adding butter, mayonnaise and chopped parsley to paste on toast or make a sandwich, memories come flooding back to a time where Carol and I were sent on a holiday to the Vumba Heights.

My Mother was never one to make a big deal over outings or any events planned which would involve us kids or even them.  I guess having 5 kids did it for her. So there was never the usual build-up and excitement that comes beforehand. She just said it as it was and usually just a day beforehand or on the day. It would be a case of:-
“Go and get yourselves bathed and dressed now because we are going out.”
“Where are we going?”

Are you also a Vintage Lens Collector?

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I certainly am – and confess to being a tad addicted.

It all started a couple of years ago when with some curiosity I wanted to see how the 40mm prime lens that came with my Pentax ME would fair on my digital Canon EOS 450D.

SMC Pentax-M f2.8 40mm Lens
SMC Pentax-M f2.8 40mm Lens


My first ever Camera

By the way – I have never traded in or sold any of my old cameras, I simply couldn’t, they are like good ol’ faithful friends to me; each one holds a bag of special memories captured in the past – starting from the year dot when I was 8 and given an Agfa Box camera from Dad. It probably still works and maybe one day I’ll load it up with a roll of 120 film and give it a try just for fun.



Catching The Right Light

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Last year I spent many miles driving around looking for the Combines harvesting the wheat as I wanted to capture that beautiful moment  where the setting sun highlights the wheat dust being thrown up by the Combine, but somehow managed to just miss them at every turn.

With several wheat fields around and about where I live looking ready to reap, I promise you, I was like a demented fool stalking the fields on a daily basis determined to find the Combine in action to capture the harvesting at sunset.


Where Is Photography Taking Me?

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The other morning I decided to get myself out of bed early and walk around the neighbourhood of the small town where I live to take some floral photos again with my Macro lens. It’s been a while since I’ve use the Macro and once I started taking images I had to wonder why it had taken me so long to do it.

The morning sunlight was absolutely perfect to cast the right light and background shade onto the images I chose to shoot.

(Click on the thumbnails for full view of the images)