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Where Is Photography Taking Me?


The other morning I decided to get myself out of bed early and walk around the neighbourhood of the small town where I live to take some floral photos again with my Macro lens. It’s been a while since I’ve use the Macro and once I started taking images I had to wonder why it had taken me so long to do it.

The morning sunlight was absolutely perfect to cast the right light and background shade onto the images I chose to shoot.

(Click on the thumbnails for full view of the images)

It was as if all the flowers I came across were just waiting for me to photograph them,  that they had preened themselves in preparation for the event.

Then there were the extras

One of the reasons I had laid my Macro lens aside was because my interest had moved over to capture the perfect landscape. Magazines, Twitter and Instagram are abundant with beautifully captured landscape images showing incredible lighting, perfect sharpness, great composition  and stunning colours – although I have to admit I do feel some are a tad over-saturated, but that’s my personal opinion – and whilst some of my attempts were good, by comparison I felt mine fell short of the wow factor.

Yes I know – that’s the trouble with social media, we are far too inclined to compare, to try and copy and/or emulate what others are doing just to get some form of recognition through how many ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and followers we receive – a “look at me and what I can do” syndrome. I am guilty of this.

It has been said before in other articles that this is so negative to our own creativity because we lose site of our own agenda and direction and without fail it leaves us feeling deflated, disheartened and disappointed. We lose site of  why we took it up in the first place, whether by choice or circumstance or even by happy accident, the sheer unadulterated joy of seeing something magical through the lens and capturing it, the sheer pleasure of what photography always offers to ourselves on a very personal level.



Lately I am seeing more and more ‘natural’ landscapes popping up on social media that the photographer has obviously enjoyed being where they are, taken the shot and posted it with little to no post-processing and I’m loving them. There is a calming tranquillity about them that is a sheer pleasure to look at and draws you into the image to feel you are also in there.

So where to now for me?  Well, I have decided to go back to where I started, to the place where I took photographs and loving every moment I had simply looking through the lens and capturing images that caught my eye and just for the sheer joy of it.



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